Demetrios of Athene

Now old, this once hale man has been ravaged by wounds. He keenly looks at you with his one remaining eye.


Demetrius of Aiginia is a paladin of Athene. He and his comrade Sostratos the Wise traveled in the lands north of Kerkira. At some point he was separated from Sostratos, who took ship with a Northerner named van Rijn to parts unknown. However, he met a Shadow Elf woman, Birel, not long after. He and she traveled together and eventually returned to his estate outside of Aignia. Their daughter Berenike was born not long after. However, a wyrm from the swamps began to terrorize the polies to the north of Kerkira, so Demetrios and Birel took up their arms again with other heroes to deal with it. A titanic struggle ensued. The wyrm killed Birel outright and maimed Demetrios. However, Demetrios wounded it terribly. Demetrius returned to his estate. He raised his daughter according to Birel’s wishes, knowing she would never inherit his estate or carry his family name. He also remarried. However, none of his subsequent children survived out of childhood.


Demetrios of Athene

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