Sailing a Wine-Dark Sea

Kraken All Over

Leaving Staroia, a woman named Katerin approached Dalinar. Her husband, Harken, was an old shipmate of Dalinar’s. He’d been captured by a pirate, Captain Jarzon. Jarzon had sailed the waters as a trader but had turned pirate some time ago. She implored Dalinar to help find his old shipmate… Jarzon’s piracy had accelerated and taken a darker turn. He was no longer ransoming captives, but holding them, for some reason. Using the small ship she had available, Katerin dropped off Dalinar, accompanied by Garet, Umberto, Valius, and Berenike on the island Jarzon frequented. The forbidding reefs and rocky shores challenged her sailing and forced her to the far side of the island away from Jarzon’s cove.

The group set off, crossing the rocky island. Garet scouted ahead, noticing a group of pirates in a group of cottages. They were led by a strange looking pirate who had a strange tenticular beard with a massive axe and a wild look in his eye. One of the pirates was standing near a large brass ship’s bell. After some stealthing, Garet snuck up to try to deal with the pirate with the bell. Everyone else approached. Garet shot the bell-ringer. Several of the other pirates charged forward, but two remained behind, shooting arrows. Valius fireballed a group and the berserk pirate charged forward. A brutal fight ensued, with Dalinar and Umberto getting locked in a melee with the berserker. Eventually the pirates were dispatched, but not before the bell was rung. Garet scouted ahead to try to determine if anyone had noticed the bell. He found that there was a strange looking bird scouting around. Valius’ hawk familiar and an arrow finished it off. Everyone took a rest, though, not quite sure what’s happening, though Dalinar felt something ominous was going on.

Garet scouted ahead, proceeding down to the cove ahead of the group. He snuck into the caves that the pirates inhabited. Everyone else pushed on to attack, not knowing where Garet had gone. Berenike used a Bless spell, singing songs of the valor of the Gods. The battle started with Valius’ Fireball, which fried several of the pirates. Umberto and Dalinar charged forward and attacked the sentry by the bell and another of the tenticularly-mutated berserkers. Between Berenike’s Vicious Mockery and arrows, smites from Dalinar, and stabs from Umberto, along with Flaming Sphere and Firebolts from Valius, pretty soon the pirates were dispatched or driven off.

There was a door to the north as well as one to the east, heading deeper in. The east door appeared to be heavy wood and iron and Dalinar could sense that beyond it was something ominous. Expecting it to be locked he tried it, finding that it had been opened, presumably by Garet.On the other side of the door were two of the berserker pirates. Garet was hiding from them under the table. Valius used the Flaming Sphere and Firebolts to fry one, and Dalinar and Umberto quickly advanced, focusing on one of the berserkers. A concerted effort brought him down, though he wounded Umberto first. The other berserker moved up to attack but he too was dispatched, suffering under blades, arrows, and spells.

Meanwhile Garet moved to a curtain which was blocking the view of the outside and dropped a mine, taking up a ready position to prevent any counterattack. However, no foe emerged and Garet saw that one of the berserkers was doing the same on the other side of the curtain. Garet used his bow to pull back the curtain when Valius was ready, allowing the elven mage to throw a Fireball into the midst of the cultists, who had two captives, a young girl and Dalinar’s friend. While the cultists thought that would stay the hand of any spell caster, the were wrong: Valius’ ability to sculpt spells kept the two captives safe from the fire. Some of the cultists dropped under the fire while others were wounded. The cult leader Captain Jarzon, dressed in a bizarre regalia, appeared unmoved and cast a spell, shrouding himself in frost.

Umberto readied a shot with his reloaded pistol and put it right between the eyes of one of the cultists, killing him. A melee between Dalinar and the berserker developed, with Umberto joining. Berenike shot arrows after refreshing Bless. While Dalinar, Umberto, and Berenike pressed forward, Valius and Garet stayed behind, feeling that whatever ritual the cultists enacted—-summoning a kraken from the Ether—-wouldn’t bother them on land. However, Dalinar felt that the beast, an enemy of the gods, must be dispatched and driven out of the world. He pressed forward, facing some Eldritch Blasts from Jarzon for his trouble.

Umberto ran forward to attack Jarzon but was frozen by the rime of frost protecting him, much to everyone’s surprise! However, Berenike and Dalinar revived him and later Umberto rescued the hostages while Dalinar faced the kraken and Valius and Garet sniped at it from cover. The kraken, annoyed at Valius, who thought to stand out in the open, shot Valius with lightning, but proceeded to attack the surprised Jarzon, who had failed in summoning the kraken properly! However, Jarzon used the Dimension Door spell to escape.

The kraken then started attempting to savage Dalinar, who returned blows using the Spear of Athene and smiting strikes. The kraken proved to be a mighty foe but was inaccurate and smashed up the landscape more than it damaged Dalinar. However, finally the Kraken’s blows told and knocked the mighty Dalinar down, pulling the paladin towards its maw after taunting him telepathically. Umberto picked up the Spear of Athene and stabbed into its tentacle, severing it and driving the beast back into the Ether from whence it came.



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