Sailing a Wine-Dark Sea

A Letter

To My Old Comrade Demetrios,

It has been many years since we parted and I hope that the intervening time has left you well. I have traveled many wondrous places in my journeys after we parted, when I took ship with that mad northerner van Rijn and our dour countryman, that auto-barbarian, Andra. I will be passing through Starioa in a month’s time and would meet you. I hope that the Sign of Prasinos Grypas still hangs. If it does, meet me there.

Your friend,


PS. Pinch the bottom of whatever wench you have with you now for me.
PPS. Is it still Birel?
PPPS. Do you know of the Oracle at Orokenda? She is quite extraordinary.
PPPPS. She was higher than one of the flying contraptions I saw in my most wondrous travels, in a land called Quan.
PPPPS. It had been ruled over by very rude individuals named the kang. who had been defeated and driven out by the Quan after losing a fleet.
PPPPPS. I went to other cities, fought madmen, and slept with a dragoness after I left van Rijn, who was a most foolish and disreputable sort. But what do you expect from a Northerner? I cast many a spell, fought many a battle, drank many a bowl of wine, philosophized, and spread my seed far and wide .
PPPPPPS. I am not entirely sure how I returned home but I am glad I did! For what matter if one’s tale cannot be told in one’s own poleis?
PPPPPPPS. I hope to see you soon, my old friend!

Perytons and Old Villains

After resting a few days at Demetrios’ estate, the band decided to return to Aiginia to deal with the perytons. Berenike accompanied them, with Demetrios’ blessing. He realized that his daughter, being illegitimate and not proper, would never be able to inherit his estate or to marry legitimately, and had no future in Aiginia, so he encouraged her to accompany the others.

They returned to Aiginia uneventfully, but in the town came upon several yellow-robed preachers wearing eight-pointed sun masks preaching the ways of the new gods: Gaurak the Bringer of Plenty, the Weaver Queen, and Mesos of the Mysteries. Dalinar quickly got into an argument with them, and eventually Dalinar’s enthusiastic points, backed by Berenike’s inspiration, drove the Yellow-Robed Preachers out of Aiginia. Valius noted, however, that they were likely to simply go elsewhere.

The band went south in a small boat, stopping at a beach camp not too far from the Perytons’ Island, and rested the night. On the next day, they set out for the Perytons’ Island, remembered from the previous attack. They first happened upon some wreckage on a reef, where some bodies peppered with arrows taken from Merak Navy stores were washed up. Soon they sought battle with the perytons, though.

They were not disappointed.

First one of the perytons attacked. In a great show of divinely inspired arms, however, Dalinar dispatched it with one mighty blow, lopping its head off. The second peryton, angered by its mate’s death, soon attacked. Between magic and arms, it too was dispatched, though not as swiftly.

The band landed on the island where the perytons nested to finish off any eggs or young. Ruins were found. Berenike identified them as being old, from before the Migration, and told the story of the People of the Island of Sahu, who enslaved the area before the newly arrived Kerkirans and Robrenni, allied with the Dark Elves to drive them out. They were punished by their god, Talos-Llyr, who sank the Island of Sahu below the waves.

Seeking the peryton nest, they pressed on into the island, making their way along a long-overgrown road to a small complex of ruins. Soon the band saw a line of skeleton warriors, which moved to attack. This included a multi-armed skeleton of icthiod appearance, and the skeleton of a minotaur, along with more ordinary ones. The fight was long but eventually the band prevailed over the skeletons. Both Umberto and Dalinar proved to be strong fighters, making use of blunt weapon attacks to shatter the skeletons.

After defeating the skeletons, Valius noticed that the bones seemed to be knitting back together, and deduced that the master of the place needed to be put to rest. Dalinar knew that it needed to be consecrated to the gods. Thus, the band ventured into the barrow out of which the skeletons had come. Inside, there were many more skeletons and the master of the place, an old Sahu warrior, now a wight. He too fell, after a tough fight. Dalinar consecrated the tomb, and the peryton young were eventually dispatched.

Valius recovered a large quantity of void salts, a key ingredient in smoke powder, from the now-consecrated bones of the undead.

Perytons and Old Heroes

Dalinar was once a sailor. This was true until Poseidon called him. Few have heard the voice of the gods for many years.

He traveled to Aiginia to seek out Demetrios of Athene, an old hero. He took ship. On that vessel were two Northerners, Valius, an Elven Journeyman Wizard, and Umberto, a morose swordsmaster from Festril. While sailing, a creature of legend, the dread peryton, dove out of the sky and attacked the ship’s captain, killing him instantly. Valius, sharp-eyed, saw it and discharged magic missiles into it, but it opened the captain’s chest and tore out his heart. Valius launched more magic missiles, but the peryton launched itself into the sky and escaped. Dalliance took over the ship and steered it the rest of the way to Aiginia. There they went to sacrifice so that the shade of the dead captain would not haunt them. Petrus, the priest of Poseidon, seemed very genuine and wrote a letter for Dalinar to take to Demetrios.

The next day in the inn, as the group were getting ready to go out in town to figure out how to get to Demetrios’, they witnessed an argument between a dusky skinned half elven woman wearing a bow, shortsword, bearing a lyre, and a heavily veiled younger woman attended by two servants. It was clear that the younger one was a legitimate woman, while the half elf was not. Berenike proved to be Demetrios’ half elven daughter. She was in Aiginia to escort her father’s new wife (aka “mother”), Briseis, back to Demetrios’ estate, about a day out of town. She hired Umberto, Valius, and Dalinar to accompany them.

On the path to the estate, they spoke of various things, and heard bits of Berenike’s story. She was Demetrios’ daughter by an elven companion, now deceased. Briseis is her stepmother, and is several years younger.

During the journey, however, the band encountered a pack of gnolls. A tough fight ensued, with Dalinar locking blades with the gnoll champion in a deadly duel, while Umberto, Valius, and Berenike fought off the pack of hyenas and other gnolls attacking. The party was victorious, but one gnoll escaped.

Eventually they arrived at Demetrios’ estate. He was an old hero, now missing an arm, an eye, and with crippled legs from a fight with a dragon that killed his elven companion, Berenike’s mother. After welcoming Valius, Umberto, and Dalinar, he spoke to them about how the gods no longer listened and heard his entreaties, and how that worried him greatly. He felt that the spawn of the Titans was returning. In the end, he passed his spear, the Spear of Athene, to Dalinar….


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