Berenike "Bringer of Victory"

Dusky-skinned half elven woman with a bow, rapier, and lyre


Berenike is the daughter of Demetrios of Athene, a famous hero, and his elven companion Birel, an elven woman from Shadowhome, who had been a mercenary in the warband of Orixia of Shadowhome during the Robrenni Civil War, and was in exile.

Demetrios had traveled extensively outside of Kerkira after the Robrenni Civil War, and met Birel during his journeys. She took up with him. After a few years of wandering together, he returned to Aiginia to inherit his family estate. Birel, tiring of the road and not wishing to leave Demetrios, accompanied him, although this was somewhat scandalous due to the fact that she was not a legitimate woman in the eyes of the xenophobic Kerkirans.

They settled in. Not long after Berenike’s birth, however, they received notice that a great black dragon had left the swamps to the north of Kerkira and began to savage the northern poleis. Demetrius and Birel took up arms to go help defeat it. Unfortunately, Demetrios returned maimed and without his wife.

He attempted to raise Berenike on his own, but knew that his estate needed an heir. He remarried a few times, outliving all of his wives, but never produced an heir. He trained Berenike to arms, as had been Birel’s wish, although this meant that she would be even more of an exile from proper Kerkiran society. The young half elf proved to have a talent for history and song.

Berenike "Bringer of Victory"

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