Sailing a Wine-Dark Sea

A Letter

To My Old Comrade Demetrios,

It has been many years since we parted and I hope that the intervening time has left you well. I have traveled many wondrous places in my journeys after we parted, when I took ship with that mad northerner van Rijn and our dour countryman, that auto-barbarian, Andra. I will be passing through Starioa in a month’s time and would meet you. I hope that the Sign of Prasinos Grypas still hangs. If it does, meet me there.

Your friend,


PS. Pinch the bottom of whatever wench you have with you now for me.
PPS. Is it still Birel?
PPPS. Do you know of the Oracle at Orokenda? She is quite extraordinary.
PPPPS. She was higher than one of the flying contraptions I saw in my most wondrous travels, in a land called Quan.
PPPPS. It had been ruled over by very rude individuals named the kang. who had been defeated and driven out by the Quan after losing a fleet.
PPPPPS. I went to other cities, fought madmen, and slept with a dragoness after I left van Rijn, who was a most foolish and disreputable sort. But what do you expect from a Northerner? I cast many a spell, fought many a battle, drank many a bowl of wine, philosophized, and spread my seed far and wide .
PPPPPPS. I am not entirely sure how I returned home but I am glad I did! For what matter if one’s tale cannot be told in one’s own poleis?
PPPPPPPS. I hope to see you soon, my old friend!



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